NEW Label Inspection Slitter Rewinder

We welcome our second brand new BGM Elite iSR, label inspection slitter rewinder, bringing us to three finishing machines in total for quicker turnaround.

This particular machine is almost uniquely capable of running 12.7mm cores which is unachievable by virtually any other of its kind.

It has no inconsistent tension problems as with old fashioned high maintenance mechanical clutches due to the variable tension controlled electronic torque. Once the correct tension has been set there is no need to alter it again, maximising operator time.

With the colour HMI touch screen we are able to manually adjust the roll end value which minimises manual intervention and roll end wastage.



NEW LEC2-640 VersaUV Printer/Cutter

An investment has also been made on a second integrated printer/cutter. This model is a large media offering excellent quality, productivity and versatility.

It is perfect for our premium-feel stickers with gloss highlights and fine details. This UV print and cut option is also ideal for speciality signage and window displays with high-opacity white ink.

UV printing technology has come a long way in the last few years. The printing heads are more precise, the production is faster, the colour gamut is wider, and the white ink has better coverage.