Wide Format

A full colour CMYK(W), digital UV solvent inkjet printing method


     Overview / Features       
  • No Plate or Tooling

  • Quick Set-up Time
  • Micro, Low, Medium Quantities
  • Colourgate Colour Management
  • ISIS2 Colour Profiler
  • Print & Cut Capability
  • Ability to Laminate
  • RFID Insertion
  • Variable Information Printing

  • Soljet Prints CMYK (Inc LM, LC, LK)

  • LEC 540 Prints CMYKW + Varnish

  • High Print Quality 1440 dpi
  • Max Print Width 1370mm
  • Almost Any Substrate up to 1mm Thick

  • Solvent Ink, Heat Dried
  •  UV Ink - UV Lamp Cured (Very Durable)

  • Under Surface Printing 


This print process is ideal for one offs or very short runs due to its quick set-up.
Less so for large volumes due to the slower printing speed of the machines. Digital printing does not use any tooling or plates to print, instead it transfers a digital image from computer to printer. Ink is transferred to the substrate with precise droplet placement from print heads.  With this digital technology specialist maintenance contracts are required to keep the printers running at optimal performance.

Here at The Label Centre, we have a fleet of wide format digital printers - 3 Roland LEC540 UV printers and 1 Roland Soljet XR640 solvent printer. All 4 printers have print and cut technology meaning they can print and cut contours in the same operation, they automatically contour cut virtually any shape for unmatched versatility.  The main difference between our UV and Solvent printers is the ink formulation and print technology which is explained further below.

Roland LEC540 
The Roland LEC540 prints CMYK + white + gloss or matt varnish and is cured by low temperature UV LED lamps which gives instant drying and a very durable finish.  The ECO-UV ink delivers high density and a wide colour gamut.  Its formulation produces prints that can be stretched around curved surfaces and edges without cracking.  For indoor applications, ECO-UV inks offer superior scratch and chemical resistance. Outdoors, ECO-UV inks last up to six months without coating and up to two years when clear varnish is applied as a finish. The UV LED process allows it to handle an array of substrates such as vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, paper, rigid plastics and many more.  Also, the straight media path allows for printing on semi-rigid sheets such as card/plastic stock and polycarbonates up to 1mm thick.  The print width ranges from 260mm to 1370mm.  

Roland Soljet XR640
The Roland Soljet XR640 prints CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black. The addition of light colours allows for neutral greys, natural skin tones and seamless graduations.  The XR-640 fires ink droplets of seven different sizes for exceptionally smooth graduations and flawless solid colours.  The ECO-SOL ink dries fast and offers outstanding long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance and a wide gamut. The integrated tri-heater system features a pre-heater to improve substrate receptiveness, print heater to accelerate ink fastness and brightness and a dryer to ensure greater productivity and scratch resistance.  ECO-SOL ink is formulated for lasting performance with outdoor durability of up to 3 years without lamination (dependent on application, location, and substrate). This lasts much longer with addition of UV blocking laminate. Our XR-640 prints on a wide range of vinyls up to 1mm thick and benefits from its straight media path printing widths from 260mm to 1600mm.

Digital Finishing
Our finishing department allows us to add laminate to all our printed substrates and also create special media constructions by laminating adhesives to raw plastics.   Labels are mainly finished in manageable sized sheets except for rolls for applications such as pipe marking.  We have two cut only machines:
Summa F612 - a versatile flatbed cutting system which can handle both rolls and sheets.  It can cut media up to 1650mm wide and up to 5mm thick making it the perfect choice for more heavy-duty material.
Graphtec FC8600-160 - This cutting plotter is used for precision and contour cutting of laminated products.