Hot Foil

Hot foil printing or foil stamping are flat bed machines which use heat to transfer foil onto the material leaving an impression

   Overview / Features        Applications / Sectors
  • Print Metallic & Holographic  
  • Asset Labels
  • Print up to 6 Colours
  • Mark & Seal Labels
  • Low Cost Tooling
  • PAT Labels
  • Low, Med Quantities
  • Equipment Labels
  • Print & Cut Capability
  • RFID Labels
  • RFID Insertion
  • TT Labels & Tags
  • Print onto Any Substrates
  • Embossed Tags
  • Ability to Laminate & Emboss
  • Laser Tags
  • Finish is Rolls or Sheets
  • Security Labels

  • Decorative Labels

  • Much much more


This process is a traditional form of printing but is still a popular method within the printing industry due to being the only printing method able to print metallic and holographic foil.

Hot foil printing uses heat, pressure and foil. This is known as dry printing because the process does not involve ink. An impression is made by heating a plate which stamps foil onto the material surface leaving the design. This is then pulled through to be cut to size.

At the Label Centre we have three Newfoil machines (2500, 3500 & 4500) which can print up to a range of six colours.

The 2500 & 4500 produce rolls so no additional finishing labour is required. The maximum sized plate is 150x150mm. The difference between these is the 4500 has the ability to print up to six colours whereas the 4500 is limited to three.

The 3500 has further special features including a larger plate size of 220x220mm and has a withstanding thickness of 10mm. A benefit of this is that the product can be printed onto both sheets and rolls. It comes with a library of punching tooling (2, 4, 6 and 10mm) plus registration marl slot. It has the ability to laminate, emboss and is the only method that produces a true metallic that are ideal for security labels.

Newfoil 2500
  • 150x150mm Print Size
  • 3 Colour Print
  • Finishes in Rolls

Newfoil 4500
  • 250x250mm Print Size
  • 6 Colour Print
  • Finishes in Rolls

Newfoil 3500
  • 230x230mm Print Size
  • 3 Colour Print + Features
  • Finishes in Rolls & Sheets