The flexographic printing process involves a flexible relief plate and tooling with high speed rotary functionality in order to print onto almost any substrate such as paper, plastics, films and cellophane


     Overview / Features        Applications / Sectors
  • Plates & Tooling Required  
  • Pharmaceutical Labels
  • Medium to Large Quantities
  • Logistical Labels
  • Up to 6 Colours
  • Warehouse Labels
  • Speed 60-120 mts/min
  • Retail 
  • Ability to Laminate
  • Industrial Settings
  • Ability to De-Lam & Re-Lam to Print Adhesive
  • Tags
  • Produces Sheets & Rolls
  • Much much more
  • Turner bar - Reverse Print

  • UV Varnish/1 UV Spot Colour

  • High Speed Plain Labels

  • UV & Water Based

  • Perforations, Under-Cutting
  • Adjustable Anvil
  • Interchangeable Rewind Mandrels
  • Video Inspection

At The Label Centre we use rotary machines manufactured by Focus Label Machinery to convert plain and printed labels. 
Rotary die cutting uses a cylindrical die to cut out shapes from a roll of material and strips away the web leaving the shape on a carrier liner.  

The flexographic (Flexo) printing process involves a flexible relief plate and tooling with high speed rotary functionality in order to print onto almost any substrate such as paper, card, polyester, polypropylene and many more.
A flexographic print is made by creating a positive mirrored master of the required image as a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material. The image areas are raised above the non-image areas on the rubber or polymer plate. The anilox roll is covered with thousands of small cells that can only be seen with a microscope,  they enable it to hold and meter ink to the printing plate in a uniform thickness evenly and quickly. The number of cells per inch can vary according to the type of job and quality required. To avoid getting the final product with a smudgy or lumpy look it must be ensured that the amount of ink is not excessive on the plate. This is achieved by using a doctor blade which removes excess ink from the anilox roll before inking the plate. 

Our machines have the ability to produce medium to high volumes at high speed.  This makes it cost effective and versatile whilst maintaining essential quality. We have a wide range of magnetic cylinders, print cylinders and anilox rolls to produce high quality labels in either sheets or rolls.

The Label Centre hosts 1 Focus Proflex and 2 Focus Reflexes.

Focus Proflex Se Series
We are able to produce up to 6 water based colours, 1 plate per colour, 1 print station has UV curability (varnish or spot colour).  A video inspection unit enables us to monitor the web at high speed for registration accuracy and quality control.

Focus Reflex S Servo
High speed plain labels or 1 colour print.  The servo drive technology included on this press provides precise control of the web.  The closed loop digital tension system monitors in feed and rewind tensions to ensure smooth running from maximum diameter to the end of the roll.  It has core mandrel adaptors readily availabl e at 25mm, 40mm, 44mm, 50mm & 76mm to make finished rolls in line without the need for further rewinding.