Digital Flexo

D-flex is a full colour (CMYK(W), digital UK inkjet/ flexo hybrid press 

   Overview / Features        Applications / Sectors
  • Print CMYK & White  
  •  Personalised Labels
  • UV/LED Pinning for Durability
  • Security Labels
  • High Speed
  • Variable Information
  • Low, Med, Large Quantities
  • Barcode
  • Print & Cut Capability
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Variable Information Printing
  • Identification Products
  • Re-Register for Printed Webs
  • Industrial & Retail Products
  • Quick Setup - Reduced Waste
  • Much much more
  • Prints onto wide variety of substrates

  • Ability to Varnish & Laminate

  • No Plate Required

  • Produces Rolls

A true hybrid press, in every sense of the word - providing comprehensive, inkjet technology across a wide range of substrate and narrow web applications. The d-flex allows for roll-to-roll converting including in-line flexo printing, corona treatment, laminating, flood/spot varnishing, die cutting and perforating in one operation. It can also be used as a standalone flexo press for printing and converting plain or 1 colour labels. It uses the same tooling as our other flexo presses so our full library of cutter sizes are available to use.

The modular inkjet system is 223mm wide, with running speeds of up to 50mts/min. The d-Flex is based on Konica Minolta technology, a trusted global brand that has been manufacturing inkjet systems for many years. The CMYK head prints 600dpi and is UV cured, the dual white head is 300dpi and is LED cured.  The addition of white allows for printing onto transparent filmic substrates, aluminum foil or overprinting onto dark background colours.

A wide range of substrates can be printed without the need for special coatings such as paper, polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene. This means we can print onto most of our stock materials which includes specialist ranges from the likes of 3M and Avery Dennison.  However, we do have an In-line corona treatment on the press which is designed to increase the surface energy of substrates to allow improved wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives. As a result, the materials treated will demonstrate improved printing and coating quality, and stronger lamination strength.

The press has servo technology where the print modules incorporate digital drive technology, reducing mechanical register errors and providing exceptional control over a wide range of substrates with point-to-point auto register control.   

As the D-flex has digital print technology it is best suited to the following label categories: 
  • Multi sort, short runs - ideal as no plate charges and quick setup and design changes
  • Multi colour industrial long-term labelling required on rolls
  • High volume colour or mono variable information - quicker to convert in one pass over thermal transfer