Pipe Marking

What is Pipe Marking?

All pipework must be appropriately labelled to inform employees, emergency services etc about the contents of the pipe.

The British Standards BS1710 are recognized legal requirements for plant safety and pipe installation compliance.
It is important that piping systems are appropriately labelled so that people can identify the fluids and gases they transport.
This is done by conveying specific information using colour coding as well as text and safety symbols.

We also maintain the International Standard IS0 20560-1 regulations regarding piping systems.

What We Offer
All products in this document are manufactured from high tack vinyl with opaque adhesive and a protective laminate. Full specifications and samples available upon request.
Where to apply them?
The service identifier shall be included at junctions, at both sides of each valve and wall penetration and at any other place where identification is necessary.
The service identifier shall be readily visible in every section or compartment (eg between floor joist sections). Where services are concealed, service identifiers shall be
located at regular intervals of not more than 0.5m.

1. Both sides where pipe passes through floors/ walls
2. Changes in direction
3. Frequent intervals on straight pipes
4. Close to valves

Diameters = 50mm
Basic Identification - 50mm
Safety Code - 30mm = 130mm Band Width

Diameters 50mm - 100mm
Basic Identification - 100mm
Safety Colour - 75mm = 275mm Band Width
Diameters <100mm
Basic Identification - 150mm
Safety Colour - 150mm = 450mm Band Width
Individual markers (with direction indicating tearable ends)
Tear off ends show direction of flow, manufactured to BS 1710 standards and recommendations.




Pipe wraps - 1,250mm long wraps that can be cut to a required length or made to the specific length required to wrap your pipe, with a recommended overlap between 20-30mm.
Available in sizes:
1. 130mm
2. 275mm
3. 450mm
Alongside our pipe marking individual labels and wraps, we supply continuous rolls.
Our continuous rolls can be supplied on long rolls of:
1. 10m
2. 15m
3. 20m
4. 25m
5. 30m
We also produce colour coded duct markers to label different air systems.
These are typically 150mmx150mm and colour coded in compliance with BS Standards.
Hazard safety symbols can be printed directly onto custom labels and continuous rolls or sold separately.
Size to suit pipe diameter.
Tank & Bund Signage helps identify contents.

Sizes: A5, A4, A3 or specific custom size to suit your requirements.
Material: Self-adhesive vinyl, mounted onto 3m foam board or aluminum composite board.



We also provide


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